Questions for You IVF Pros! <3

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So the nurse sent me my tentative protocol and I’m having a hard time making heads or tails of it.  I’m wondering if some of you fine ladies might take a look at it for me and help me figure it out?  Does everything look pretty typical?  I was supposed to be traveling to visit my husband who’s gone for a month and a half but I’m assuming that will be a no go.  Were any of you able to travel during the process?  I would be back before my first blood draw and u/s.  

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4 thoughts on “Questions for You IVF Pros! <3

  1. oc15 says:

    you are going to be doing some different drugs than i did and my dr. does not believe in bedrest but yes, looks pretty standard to me. i would suggest taking the dates and instructions and putting them in a calendar so you can see the timeline more clearly. very exciting!!! also, YES, you can travel, live life, do whatever you want while you’re stimming. i have given myself shots in the car, (while driving!) crossing the border, i’ve mixed drugs at a strangers kitchen table and on the side of the highway, and i did a trigger shot in a port-a-potty at a wedding then boogied the night away on the dance floor with a drink in hand hahaha. as you said though, there is no getting around needing to be around for blood draws and U/Ss. GOOD LUCK!

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  2. nicosbia says:

    It can be pretty confusing with the specific timing, drugs and dosages. I was on a couple of the same meds. The nurses will walk you through the process and of course ask any and all questions. The dates could change depending on how your body responds to the meds. Good luck 🙂


    • Kate Buckley says:

      Thank you so much! I have my first appointment on Tuesday with the nurse to go over meds. I haven’t been contacted yet by the med supplier yet for payment or delivery, so I hope they call soon!


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