Fertility Tourism


This is a subject that I’ve been fascinated by lately.  I’ll admit I was fantasizing about a London holiday where I would live in a charming cottage for months and receive IVF treatment for $4.  The price of it here in the US is killing me.  It’s so insane.  I also feel a little icky thinking about how some of that cost is probably due to the fact that people dealing with infertility are sometimes so desperate they would pay anything, so companies know they can charge anything.  What do I know factually about how these companies get their pricing?  Zilch-o-la.  But it’s still suspect.

I know that other countries have different laws and I think that makes up the majority of motivation for fertility tourism.  For example, I believe in Canada you can’t pay for donor eggs or sperm?  And in some countries PGD for sex selection is illegal.

Other than cost, we have it pretty good here in the US.  We have some of the best doctors and tend to be the most relaxed with our regulations.  But part of me did want to just look into IVF in a few other countries just for the heck of it.  I couldn’t find much on it.  I’d love to hear anything you ladies know!

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3 thoughts on “Fertility Tourism

  1. Gender selection is illegal here in the UK. I’m glad though, there was enough decisions to make with out having to decide that too ha x


  2. I have actually heard of people having great success in Mexico. There apparently is also a clinic in NY that has amazing rates….CNY Fertility Center.


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