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What are you babes doing to stay fit and healthy through all of this??  Obviously, once pregnant, I will happily gain a healthy amount of weight for the baby, but I’m reading more and more that that amount does not tend to be as much as we think it is.  I feel like over the last 4 years of ttc, my body just wants to gain.  This could also have something to do with being over 30 now, dammit.  But I really do feel like my body is trying to nest every month, even though every month that nest has been batted out of the tree by some bitchy cat.

I cut out gluten for almost a year per the request of my acupuncturist, but I didn’t notice much of a difference.  I was gaining a little weight though, which I thought would be the opposite.  But while staying at my parents house this last time, being that my mother laughed at me with the whole no gluten thing so she prepared gluten with a side of gluten for each meal, I went back to eating it.  I noticed that I was full a lot faster and ate way less.  I also noticed that it made me a little lethargic, so it’s a give and a take I guess.

I tend to eat pretty well typically, but I’m most interested in finding physical activity that I can get into without having to fear I’m messing anything up.  I’m a runner and a swimmer and I hike at least once a week.  Running is a no-no, and I just worry about swimming and water getting up in my Netherlands.  Hiking is great, but probably not once I’m pregnant.

So here are my questions!  Answer any or all of them if you like!

1. What activities are you doing to stay fit and were they Dr. approved?

2. What are you cutting out or trying to include more of in your diet?

3. Are you using a heart monitor while you exercise and if so, do you recommend the one you have?

4. Are there any vitamins or supplements you’re having luck with?

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6 thoughts on “Baby Fat

  1. Walking, biking and yoga with some occasional softball. My RE was adamant that I do not participate in boot camps or run any marathons (especially since I’m not a runner). I’m trying to go gluten and dairy-free. A complete list of my supplements is posted here:


  2. cynning says:

    You can walk as much as you want while pregnant. I had a pregnancy ball that I used to sit on when watching shows it helped with balance. I ate what I could mostly fruits veggies and not processed foods. I wouldn’t drastically change your diet if it’s healthy already. All I took was a prenatal vitamin when I was pregnant. I guess my advice is not to over indulge. I always thought well I’m pregnant I can eat some and then more and that’s not a good attitude. My gyno told me to eat normal and that’s it. Not to add much and if I did want more food to eat more veggies or fruit


  3. exercise was such a hot topic for me for a while – i even took a month off all exercise except walking and yoga in hopes of avoiding clomid – so much for that! i’ve done aerial arts for 4 years now, and started regularly doing SUP yoga last year. my acupuncturist and doctors like that i stay active regularly, though during the luteal phases of my IUI months, i did cut back on ab/core work. unfortunately the scaling back these last 4-5 months led to the fastest weight gain i’ve experienced in my life, so i’m back to going as frequently as i can until it’s time for me to start stims. i don’t use a heart rate monitor, though i have debated purchasing a fitbit.

    i was pretty strict about avoiding gluten for many months, however this made me want to cry in frustration when eating out with friends, so i take a more reasonable approach. i don’t go out of my way to eat bread like i used to LOVE in the past, i choose rice instead of noodles, etc. in other words, i don’t drive myself crazy trying to avoid it, though like you, i do notice that it definitely makes me feel lethargic afterwards. i try to eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables (CSA’s like farm fresh to you help with this), nuts, healthy fats, eggs, salmon when i can (hubby’s not a fish eater). i don’t eat nearly as much meat as i used to, and i buy it from our farmer’s market rather than the grocery store. i have thyroid antibodies and it used to drive me crazy avoiding goitrogens, but i eat most of the veggies on the list now, and just make sure to rotate them, and i consume very little soy (only the sauce now).

    i take several supplements, though it’s hard to say what works or doesn’t. i do know in the last year since seeing my acupuncturist and taking herbs she prescribed, my cycles which used to be a bit irregular (i could ovulate as late as 21 days) are now like clockwork. at her suggestion, i take wheatgrass (powder that easily goes in my daily fruit/veggie smoothie), royal jelly, and coenzyme Q10 (also approved by RE). i also take kelp powder and brazil nuts for my thyroid. i’ve alternated between taking a B-complex and prenatals (i’m sensitive to extra iron if you know what i mean). i also take a probiotic and vitamin D. i’ve noticed since starting all this a year ago, i don’t get sick as often, and i feel more refreshed after 7-8 hours of sleep. my asthma also has not flared up in over a year. so who knows – it’s probably a combination of my consciously eating better along with the above, but for now i feel good on this regimen so i continue.


  4. drunkstorks says:

    1. What activities are you doing to stay fit and were they Dr. approved? I was a marathoner but stopped almost 2 years ago now from the advice of my RE. He says you can do whatever you want leading up to and in between cycles but once the meds start, take it down to walking/hiking/yoga/swimming. By day 5 of stims both cycles I was far too bloated and uncomfortable to do yoga let alone hiking. I just tried to get in a walk a day with my hounds. I did more stretching type yoga. Downward facing dog was out of the question entirely. I’ve definitely gained weight since my first IVF (Sept 2013) but honestly, I just don’t care like I used to. It’s not where my head is at and apparently it’s not where my body wants to be at so I’m just going with it….while trying to stay out of pictures hahaha

    2. What are you cutting out or trying to include more of in your diet? I’ve been gluten free for 5 years now (cut it out after reading the inflammatory response and impacts – I have endometriosis. I really don’t miss it so it was easy for me because I just felt better). I have a dairy allergy (for reals…epi-pen and all). I also cut out inflammatory foods with the IVF but now leading up to the FET I’ve relaxed a lot. I’ll drink minimal caffeine (RE says 1-2 cups per day), no alcohol besides a glass or two of red wine, extra healthy fish in my diet, no juicing to close to transfer and afterwards, I think I’ll also eat the pineapple core for the 5 days around transfer. It’s not as bad as you think it tastes :). I’m definitely far more relaxed going into this FET than I was with the last 2 IVF’s.

    3. Are you using a heart monitor while you exercise and if so, do you recommend the one you have? I didn’t even use a monitor when I was running marathons so I’ll go with no on this.

    4. Are there any vitamins or supplements you’re having luck with?

    Leading up to and in between cycles:
    Melatonin – 3mg each night, no more than 3 months at a time
    CoQ10 – 600mg of ubiquinol CoQ10 (most research has shown that it’s easier thus faster form for our bodies to absorb)
    Vit D – 2000iu (currently taking 5000iu – see vit D org for the latest research)
    Wobenzym N (high potency enzyme – reallllly helped my endo)
    Evening Primrose Oil
    High quality Omega
    Prenatal vit
    I tried some Chinese herbs for a few months but more so for my endo
    Red Raspberry tea
    Weekly acupuncture

    During my cycle:
    Prenatal vit
    Vit D @ 2000iu
    – dexamethasone/medrol
    – aspirin
    – antibiotics
    – will be doing intralipids for FET


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