Real Day 1


I’m sitting here in font of my first shot of Lupron and totally psyching myself out.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me.  Seriously, I’m a pretty brave person, I’ve done some crazy things in life.  But this is really getting me and I don’t know why.  I feel all panicky.

Any tips??

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6 thoughts on “Real Day 1

  1. oc15 says:

    if you’re feeling antsy, sitting and look at it won’t help. i would go do a few things them come back. the less time you give yourself to think about it the better. then just pick it up, don’t count, just stick it in and push. the first one is the hardest. i found i actually looked forward to doing them after a couple of day because each shot was another day closer to the main event 🙂 good luck! you can do this!


  2. haven’t had to inject myself yet, but as somebody who sometimes gives them (i usually let my nurses do my dirty work, hehe), i would ice for a few minutes ahead of time, and get a heating pad for after to help with soreness. this site has all sorts of great infertility info, and this page specifically addresses the subQ injections:


  3. drunkstorks says:

    Yes, your reaction is totally normal. I found for myself that inserting the needle slowly, while breathing out helps. Lupron and Suprefact injections seemed to have greater reactions on my skin than say Puregon (nothing), Repronex (mild) and HCG/trigger (nothing). Good luck!

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