Menopur Madness

Yesterday I had my first U/S and blood work since starting the stims and it was pretty lack luster. My doctor didn’t really mention anything about my follicles or how they were looking. From some of your posts I was seeing a little feedback you ladies got from your Dr on this appointment about all that stuff. That, coupled with my dr looking like he was in a hurry to get out of there after he examined me of COURSE made me feel like something was wrong.

Anyway, the nurse called me last night to tell me he wanted me to start on 75iu of Menopur last night.

Holy shit, first off let me say that is a LOT of crap to be injecting at once. It felt like dinner. My nurse had shown me how to mix everything in that teaching appointment I had before I started, but of course I had forgotten every bit. I had to read through the instructions to figure it out. Of course it was not clear at all how much water I should use. I kept seeing examples that were for 150iu using 1cc of water, so that’s what I used for my 75iu. I had no idea if that was right or not.

But the really crazy thing to me was that out of the literally 5 bags of different syringes, none of them were labeled for use with which medicine, nor were the needles. I had no idea which I was supposed to use. They really should have a little note on them that says “For Use with Menopur” or whatever. So far the shots have been self explanatory. The Lupron came with it’s syringes and the Gonal F is a pre-filled syringe, easy peasy.

Also, I was only sent enough Menopur for 5 days, I’m hoping this is right! I’m not excited about having to order more medicine. I emailed my nurse about this, but I’m just wondering how many days you ladies who have done or are doing a Menopur protocol were on it for?


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9 thoughts on “Menopur Madness

  1. omgwtfivf says:

    I’ve never taken it but I will be on this cycle. My nurse said I would need to take it for anywhere from 5-10 days, depending on how long I stim. She warned me that the needles are a little confusing for this one, guess she wasn’t kidding! Good luck xoxo


    • Kate Buckley says:

      Yeah, there was a lot of mixing and bullshit with this one. I warned my nurse “I don’t cook” but she apparently felt I was capable of this. So far Menopur is a high maintenance bitch.


  2. drunkstorks says:

    Unless they specified that it was to be done intramuscular, it’s likely fine if you used a thinner needle. Puregon comes in a cartridge so it’s easy to tell as is Lupron. But most of the others, i.e Suprefact, any trigger shot, Repronex, PIO, etc. the nurse at your clinic should tell you what gauge you should be using and if it’s to be done subcutaneous or intramuscular and the locations you should inject. One constant rule of thumb with injections is to alternate side each night. As per the solvent that dilutes the Menopur, check with your nurse but I think you did the right thing.

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  3. babydusted says:

    Make sure to ask your doc or nurse all about your follicles, the size, number, etc. I spent a lot of time pointing to the the screen and asking “what’s that?” Some of them are all tight lipped and don’t say anything unless you ask. Then I had other nurses that were all chatty and even printed out a pic for me.


    • Kate Buckley says:

      Thank you, that’s great advice. Unfortunately I just saw this. I did ask a little bit, but like you said, other than that she was pretty tight lipped and I felt like I was bugging her. I have no idea what we’re looking for here. I heard her mention 2 14s, a 15, and a couple smaller on the left, 2 15s, a 17, and a couple 12s on the right. I have no idea if this is good or not. I wish I knew more.


      • babydusted says:

        It’s silly that we have to be so pushy sometimes! I know it’s really hard to assert yourself while spread eagle with a wand poking you in your private parts, but I found once I started asking a million questions it took my mind off all the prodding, lol ūüôā


  4. Jennie says:

    Wow that’s a lot to take! I hope it all turns our well!


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