Squinty Eyes, Another U/S and More Blood Work


My father-in-law put together this picture of my husband and me when we were both little.  At least there’s no question what our child will look like, it just would have been nice if someone had mentioned previous to our wedding that we were siblings. As far as having eyes goes, this kid doesn’t stand a chance.  My money is on it looking a lot like Bunsen from the Muppets minus the glasses.

I had my 5 day u/s and blood work today.  It’s so hard to know what I was looking at, and the nurse didn’t say much.  I seemed to have about 4 follicles total that were 14 or 15, and about 4 more that were 10-12, at least of what they measured. I have no idea if this is on track or not.  I had to reorder 2 more days worth of Menopur, and it looks as though my retrieval date may be this Friday.  Of course the husband is leaving to play a couple festivals in the UK on Wednesday and will be gone for about 5 days.  But luckily it looks like he will most likely be here for the transfer date which is more important anyway.  He can make it up to me by waiting on me hand and foot and being my own personal In N Out delivery boy.

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4 thoughts on “Squinty Eyes, Another U/S and More Blood Work

  1. Good luck with the stimming! I’m not sure what is on par for follicles either. Will let you know if I figure that out when we start stimming.


  2. Samantha says:

    Good luck with stims! It’ll be over before you know it!

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  3. wheresmywave says:

    Good luck! My husband and I have also been asked if we are siblings- we’re not I swear! My college friends and I always thought the best couples looked alike!


    • Kate Buckley says:

      A Japanese lady I know told me that in Japan it’s considered good luck to look like your spouse! I imagine there may be a lot of couples there that are, like, really lucky! 🙂


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