And Away We Go!


Trigger shot was tonight!  It’s moving a little faster than I was expecting after yesterday’s appointment.  But it looks as though my retrieval will be Thursday now.  I’m really excited, the only thing that is sort of a bummer is that my husband leaves tomorrow for the UK for 5 days to play a couple festivals, so he won’t be here for the retrieval.  He should be back in time for the transfer, though, so that’s more important.

The trigger shots were not bad, I had to take 2 Ovidrel.  I think the needles were a tiny bit thicker than the others I’ve been taking because they took me a lot longer to get in.  The good news is that they didn’t sting at all like the Menopur.  I’m starting to get REALLY nervous about the stupid Estradiol shots I have to do every 3 days starting the day after retrieval, though.  They are the ones that have to go in the bum, and they are intramuscular.  😦  I’m a bit of a control freak, I feel like even if my husband would have been here to give me all of my shots, I still would have wanted to do every one by myself.  And I’m a total diaper baby when it comes to needles, getting the tiny ones in my blub is hard enough for me.  I can’t imagine how I’m going to get these torpedos in my arse, especially without a running start or muchas margaritas.

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11 thoughts on “And Away We Go!

  1. You’ll do fine! I’ve been doing my own pio injections in my behind with the big needles, and if I can do it, anyone can!

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  2. julieann081 says:

    Good luck with your shots! I’m sorry that your husband won’t be there for the retrieval. I’m glad he’ll be back for the transfer though! Thinking of you and sending positive energy your way!

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  3. I’m the same way. I prefer to do my own shots. Good luck with everything! How is that working with your husband being gone? Are you using frozen sperm?


  4. Jen says:

    If you prefer to do your own shots you can always do it in your thigh for an IM shot. I promise the bum hurts a lot less though. LOL, I’m wondering how this IVF is going to work with your husband gone though. How are you going to fertilize your eggs if he’s not there? Good luck!


    • Kate Buckley says:

      Thank you, I got some help with it! My mom came for a few days and I had my nurse do my second shot. We’ve had hubs “sample” frozen for a while, so that’s what we used.


  5. drunkstorks says:

    Good luck!! I do PIO (progesterone in oil) intramuscular as well and not gunna lie, it’s a bit tricky. When my DH is around, I’ll get the needle in and then I’ll have him squeeze it in. The oil makes it hard to inject. Once you do it a few times, you’ll be a pro 🙂 breathe out when you put the needle in and remember to relax your butt!


  6. GOOD LUCK!!! Do you have someone that can go with you for the retrieval? Especially if your driving after. It’s a bit painful and you feel a little loopy after the anesthesia. But that’s the worst part. I’m rooting for ya!


  7. seekoff says:

    I’ve just started following your blog and see you’re a few days ahead of me in your cycle. Massive good luck to you!! I think all of us ladies deserve a medal for injections and patience x


  8. oc15 says:

    been thinking of you. hope everything went well and you’re doing well in your 2ww xo


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