All Of My Love

I’ve had a couple happy posts in the works meaning to get back to this thing, but something more important recently came up. This week someone very dear to me passed away after a very long and brave battle with cancer.  
I hesitate to describe her as my friend’s mom because she meant so much more to me than that. I learned so much from her and her glowing spirit. She was fun and elegant and a straight shooter all at once. She was the “cool parent” without any of the negative connotations of that. She took me to my first real concert (Doobie Brothers and Foreigner) and let me move into her all ready full house where I was no doubt in the way, although she never made me feel it. She taught me how to tie a tie and arrange flowers. She encouraged me to have an appreciation for the finer things in life and also be able to laugh at myself. She inspired my love of cooking and taught me to always have music on. She’s the reason I listened to classic rock when I was a kid rather than whatever other crap I would have been into. From her example I learned how important it is to laugh and dance and drink life in and never take yourself too seriously.  

Jeanette, you will be missed greatly but so much of you lives on through the people you touched. Love forever. ❤️

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