Friday Favorites

  1. Dr. G Brightening Peeling Gel: The girls in my beauty group turned me on to this and it’s the absolute holy grail of exfoliating!  It’s super gentle, you could actually use this once or twice a week, but I wouldn’t suggest any more.  I had zero redness and my face felt so soft immediately after I could have cried.  It’s a chemical exfoliator, not a manual one, which is much better.  Basically you apply a quarter sized amount and rub it around until you feel the dead skin balling up under your fingers!
  2. I don’t even know if these things have an official name or manufacturer. I’ve been using them forever since I found them at Daiso years ago but have been seeing them all over the place lately.  They’re super soft and squishy so you wrap your hair around them before bed to keep your hair from flattening out and getting glued to your head while you sleep.  I think they were like $2 for 6 and I use anywhere from 6-10 at a time and I have a good amount of hair but it’s not super long.  If you have a lot of levels no hair you may want to use 2 full sets or more. 
  3. I thought everyone knew about this site but apparently not.  It’s a great site for prints, both framed and unframed, but they also make really awesome home stuff!  Basically it’s a site where hundreds of artists offer their art and the company prints it on a ton of different items; shower curtains, duvet covers, rugs, pillows, clocks, phone and computer cases, and on and on.  I have soooo much cute stuff from society 6 in my house!  I will say, the quality is nothing to write home about, but for cute little novelty things around the house, it serves it’s purpose.  I didn’t love the rug I ordered for this reason, it was pretty crappy and had no backing so it was slippery af.  But I’m tickled pink with every other thing I’ve ordered from them!  The best part is there are literally thousands of designs.  It would be impossible not to find something you love.  You could search for the most random item, like goats, pickles, Or Patrick Swayze, and you’ll find a ton of different designs.  This makes it really cool for, say, a kid’s room where you’re designing with a particular theme. 
  4. Sammy’s Milk:  There’s actually been a bit of controversy surrounding this stuff as of late, but I still love it. It was recently recalled for fear it “may” contain cronobacter bacteria, cronobacter can cause serious blood infections or meningitis.  Really there was no reason to think Sammy’s formula contained it, nor were there any reports of illness or any any of the cans containing it.  The problem was that in order to label something “infant formula” you have to manufacture your product under compliance with certain regulations, which this mom and pop owned business, who’s actually local right here in Newport Beach, was not doing.  That being sad, River was on this stuff and he did so well on it!  I loved it for him.  He doesn’t have a regular milk sensitivity per se, but he was obviously digesting the goat’s milk so much more easily.  It was also a great transition for him into regular goat’s milk which honestly I cannot stand but wish I could.  It’s a lot easier for our bodies to break down goat’s milk.  Another thing to mention though, is that goat’s milk and therefore some goat’s milk formulas, contains less iron and folic acid than cow’s milk so you’ll want to supplement.  

One thought on “Friday Favorites

  1. oc15 says:

    society6. similar to etsy. i like it and had not heard of it. thanks for sharing ūüôā

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