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Cement to be?

I hate the waiting game.  Especially when you know you have a lot of work to do but can’t get started yet.  I have so many design ideas for the new house but can’t do a thing about them until we move in!  We need a ton of new furniture, etc., but my hands are tied for another couple months.  All I can do is fantasize and imagine what the space will look like, which is difficult because our design choices are very different from the ones in the model home, which is my only point of reference. 

So you can imagine my delight when I came across this photo online of just about EXACTLY what our kitchen will look like!!  The photo is from Style Me Pretty and the house must be from the same builder because everything in it is exact!  And lucky for me, these are pretty uncanny for the choices I made on finishes!  Literally the only differences are that instead of another cupboard, our hood goes all the way up, and we will have black hardware on the cabinets. That’s it.  So I finally get to see what the kitchen will look like finished!

The original plan was to have a white subway tile backsplash, as this kitchen does.  But then in my escapades on Pinterest I absolutely fell in love with cement tile!  If it wasn’t so expensive the whole goddamned house would be cement tile and we would sleep on a cement tile bed and eat cement tile for breakfast.  I think I must have pinned every black, gray and white cement tile pattern the world has to offer.  

So I photoshopped one of the patterns (very crappily, I might add) into the photo of the kitchen and to my dismay (maybe), I’m not loving it. Could it possibly just be my terrible photoshop skills?  I can’t tell.  But now I’m doubting myself and I have only a couple options.  I could make a choice in the next couple days and have the builder install it for me and run the risk of not loving it, or I can wait until we’re in the house so I can play with it in person, but then I have to install it myself.  

The subway tile is a lot less expensive and I know I won’t ever hate it because it’s so basic, but I worry about the kitchen looking too white or sterile. Every other thing will be white (including possibly the floors) except for the island, cupboard hardware and light fixtures. 

The cement tile is so chic and will really stylize the whole house!  There’s a bit of a Spanish feel in the rest of the house, which I love.  But it’s costly and I’ve never seen it in person.  I would love input!  What would you do?

Here are a bunch of my favorite patterns.

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