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Friday Favs!

1.  These candles are EVERYTHING, including a mess, but I love them still.  I got Kisa the cat as a gift but now see that they make BUNNIES so I’m about to level up on my Pyropet game!  When you burn these sweet, waxy little effers, it reveals their metal skeletons.  Oh my goth. ūüíÄ

2.  I’m a fan of felt ball garlands, but also root for team string lights.  This Christmas I tried wrapping both around the top of River’s teepee in the spirit of festivity, but it was a little much. Bright Lab Lights offer the best of both worlds.  My favorite thing about these is that you can customize your color scheme from their vast assortment of gorgeous colors, or you can choose from their genius preset color combos if you’re color dumb, as I tend to be with too many choices. 

3.  When I first found these glasses I thought “cute, not for me.”  Then I couldn’t stop thinking about them.  I finally caved and bought some in magenta and they really are SO cool on, I ended up buying the black as well.  Now I’m thinking I may need every color.  I got mine from shop-demure.com but see they now have them shopzerouv.com for CHEAPER.  They look similar if not the same to me!  They’re also great for color therapy and to help enhance your mood. 

4.  At first I wasn’t sure if my little boy was going to like dolls or soft toys but he really does!  He likes to squish and hug them and they really do seem to comfort him.  It’s such a better alternative when putting him to sleep than the fist fills of my hair he typically likes to snuggle with.  These gorgeous dolls from Cuddle + Kind are definitely a win win!  Every doll purchased provides 10 meals to children in need!

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Sacks To Be You


I found a new thing! ¬†These nifty wifty paper sacks! ¬†They’re made out of treated paper that is durable and WASHABLE. ¬†I use them for baby blankets (we have about 6 thousand) and toys. ¬†They would also be great used as hampers, or to store really anything that isn’t wet or living (ew).

I bought these little cuties on Etsy from a shop called¬†Tellkiddo. ¬†They’re pretty inexpensive for something so useful and adorable. ¬†The downside is that the shop is in Stockholm, Sweden, so shipping sucks. ¬†I didn’t mind too much because they just couldn’t be cooler. ¬†I looked high and low for someone that sold these in the states, but had no luck. ¬†UNTIL NOW! ¬†Lucky for you, I found super similar ones on aliexpress.com¬†for cheap and with free shipping! ¬†YW. ¬†I guess it does not sack to be you after all.

I’ve also been on the hunt for an all black one. ¬†I think it would look great in my living room with a fig tree in it! ¬†If you ever come across one, please let me know! ¬†I will cyber-kiss your face.

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